Scare Birds Away From Buildings And Homes

Bird Banisher Avian Deterrent Prevents Woodpecker Damage, Bird Droppings, Nesting, And So Much More!

What You Need To Know About Bird Banisher

Take back your roof, porches, buildings, pool, balconies and other structure from nuisance birds. The Affordable Bird Banisher uses sunlight and wind to create blinding visual deterrent that disorients birds. Use the Bird Banisher moving reflector system and make those land someplace else. This affordable silent avian deterrent efficiently gets rid of birds without changing your environment. The Bird Banisher prevents woodpecker damage to EIFS and wood sided homes. Also, it Deters Pest Birds such as gulls, sparrows, and starlings. The weatherproof Bird Banisher reflector installs easily with screws and lasts over time. It can be installed anyplace along your home. Furthermore,  the Bird Banisher has a 1-year warranty.


Important Key Features Of The Bird Banisher

Powder Coated Support Rods | Flexible Rods allow for optimum positioning | Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Swivels spin in low wind conditions | Durable Holographics | Spooky Eyes to mimic a Bird of Prey


The Highest Quality Components

The Bird Banisher uses the highest quality products such as; Stainless Steel ball bearing swivels for maximum movement in all wind conditions, Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Rods for longevity, high performance holographic reflective components, durable attachment methods like rare earth magnets (attaching to metal substrates, ideal for commercial buildings), stainless steel clips ( for attaching to branches and plants to protect vineyards, berries, etc.), and zinc-coated exterior screws (attaching to wood, metal, etc., ideal for residential homes).


A Video Example Of Bird Banisher In Action

How To Properly Position The Bird Banisher

In the before after image below we give instructions for proper placement of the bird banisher. Just grab the scrolling arrow on the right and drag to the left to reveal instructions and more.

In the initial image notice how inconspicuous the Bird Banishers are. BUT NOT TO BIRDS THEY’RE NOT!!!

The revealed image makes everything clear!




For Our Mobile Viewers

The revealed image has instructions which probably can’t be seen very well on some phones. But, your phone probably can see the small yellow circled areas on the revealed image. In the circled areas, the bird banishers hang. These areas are the suggested placement locations for a standard gable end. We suggest using a minimum of 3 Bird Banishers per side.

Not ideal for tree shaded areas. More may be required to have proper control.

BIRD CONTROL TIP: To improve pest bird control remove any dead or insect infested trees on the property.

A Video Example Of Bird Banisher In Action