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Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, was the sound described by the priest at the local church where I do pest control work. “I’m right in the middle of my sermon, then I and everyone else in the church gets distracted by this sound almost every week,” she said. So I was asked to resolve this problem, but I didn’t have much experience at what I thought might be a woodpecker problem so I researched until I found the Best Woodpecker Repellent. Upon inspection of the church, I found hundreds of holes in the cedar siding where people heard the sounds originating. The holes were approximately 1/8 in diameter.  I’ve seen woodpecker damage over the years and I knew woodpecker were the culprits. So I looked into what might be a solution to this situation and stumbled up the Best Woodpecker Repellent on the pest control market for 2020.

For starters, I learned woodpeckers are federally protected so I needed a humane way to resolve the problem without bringing any harm to the birds. So, I contacted the manufacturers of the bird banisher and they were very helpful in explaining their product. The manufacturer explained the movement and the bright flashing of the bird banisher’s unique design frighten birds away from buildings. Convinced this product would do the job, I ordered two of their units for the church.


woodpecker repellent

Bird Banisher Woodpecker Repellent


The woodpecker damage at the church was under an eve and concentrated within a 200 square foot area. Given the minor wind flow in this area, I worried the bird banisher might not work. Upon receiving the product, which was promptly shipped, I wasted no time installing them above the woodpecker damage. Installation was straight forward using one screw. Even with little wind, the units immediately started their twirling action. I was impressed! I’m sure in some installations, there may have to be adjustments for more action, but not in this case. I’ve since spoken with many woodpecker control professionals who have found the same great results using the Bird Banisher and we feel it’s truly the Best Woodpecker Repellent.

Reasons Bird Banisher is the Best Woodpecker Repellent for 2020

  1. Does not harm the woodpeckers, only frightens them away from the house
  2. Built to withstand the elements and high winds
  3. 100% guaranteed when installed properly
  4. Highly effective flashing mechanism to scare birds
  5. Affordable cost, as low as $14.95 each
  6. Easily can be found on Amazon and other fine retailers like Animal Traps and Supplies
  7. Spins even in low wind conditions so it’s working most of the time

Things to know before selecting a Woodpecker Deterrent

In doing this job, I learned there are several reasons woodpeckers peck on buildings. 

1. The woodpeckers are “drumming, “ which in the woodpecker world is a way to proclaim their territory and attract a mate. 
2. They are feeding on insects living in the siding.
3. The woodpeckers are attempting to make a hole for a nest.
4. Finally, they are storing food. 

Luckily in this instance, the damage was not as bad as I’ve seen on other buildings where siding had to be removed and replaced. It has been several months since the bird banisher installation. I’ve rechecked the area and haven’t detected any more woodpecker activity. I also talked to the priest and there has been no more competition from the birds during the sermon! I’m pleased  I could provide a solution, and the bird banisher resolved the problem.  If you find yourself needing to get rid of woodpeckers, give the best woodpecker repellent a try! 

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Bird Banisher would like to thank Bill Elliott of Elliott Pest Control, LLC for submitting this article.