Bird Diverter for Woodpecker Control

Wondering what the best bird diverter is for woodpecker control? Want to stop the woodpecker from destroying your house? Then you have come to the right place to find the most effective bird diverter on the market. Bird Banisher is designed for professionals and is built out of components that will withstand high winds and harsh weather conditions. This bird diverter works better than any other bird diverters we have tested. Bird Banisher is also one of the highest rated Bird Control Deterrents on Amazon.

Here are several Bird Removal tips for woodpecker control

  • Install Bird Banisher near the woodpecker damage or nest entrance
  • Repair the bird hole in the home’s siding asap if no woodpeckers are present (it’s against Federal law to kill woodpeckers)
  • Use several bird banisher bird diverter devices on each side of the home to provide adequate protection
  • Cut down and remove dead trees around your yard as woodpeckers will be drawn to these areas
  • Apply insecticide to wood siding if insects are present to eliminate woodpecker food sources
  • Lastly, enjoy the peace and quiet of your woodpecker free home once again
Bird Diverter for Woodpecker Control

Bird Diverter for Woodpecker Control

Why is Bird Banisher the Best Choice for you?

Bird Banisher is the best bird diverter on the pest control market. We have tested dozens of products such as predator decoys (owls and hawks), fragrance oils, CD’s on strings tied to gutters, reflective flash tape, other visual avian deterrents, and we received poor results only to have the woodpeckers return.  A quality bird diverter should not only work at keep woodpeckers from pecking your siding, it should be affordable and built to last.

Features of this Bird Diverter Product

Bird Banisher is manufactured near Dayton Ohio by wildlife pest control professionals. Learn about how to install Bird Banisher and woodpecker control tips at this site. It has been tested and used to deter birds all over the United States and comes with the hardware needed for installing.  The most popular item is the screw on version which will require a drill with a ¼ inch driver to screw this bird control product near the woodpecker damage area. Bird Banisher has a no drill option using stainless steel clips which are ideal for attaching to tree branches near the home or in a fruit orchard to protect the crops.  For metal roofs or commercial buildings the strong rare earth magnet Bird Banishers make for fast attachment. While the magnet bird diverter option costs a little more, it will be made up in labor savings during the install. Bird Banisher will also be manufacturing red holographic bird diverter repellents to scare waterfowl and seagulls from coastal areas. 

Bird Banisher is the last bird deterrent you will ever need to purchase. This device is offered on the website, Amazon, and through various retail stores. If you are experiencing woodpecker problems around your property give the best bird diverter on the market a try, Bird Banisher.