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Bird Banisher Avian Deterrent Prevents Woodpecker Damage, Bird Droppings, Nesting, And So Much More!

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Does Bird Banisher have a warranty?
Absolutely! The Bird Banisher has a 1 year warranty.


The Bird Banisher has a 1 year warrenty. The best bird deterrent in the United States.

How many Bird Banishers do I need for my home?
Coverage area depends on style of home or building and pest bird. Generally a normal residential 2 story will need 3-4 per gable end, but really depends on a lot of variables.

If you are trying to protect a roof area then they need to be elevated above the gutter line. Typically the gable ends near the peak. The wire is easily manipulated to make it work. Each situation is different, but if you have one in particular send me some photos and we can advise on what to do to get you the most coverage.

Also, the more you buy the less expensive they are!

How is the Bird Banisher installed?
Very simply – with screws.
Can you provide testimonials?
Yes! We can provide pictures and references for testimonials.

The Bird Banisher appears cheaply made. Is it?
Absolutely not! To you, it may appear as a shiny piece of metal, but in fact, it’s a work of art that has had 5 years of testing and research to find the correct patterns, colors, and materials to deter birds and to withstand harsh climate situations.

Do you have price breakpoints?

Yes! The base price for the crew-in and clip-on versions is $24.95, for the magnet version $34.95.

If you buy 1 – 5 items: Base Price per item; 6 to 10 items in any model combination: $5.00 off the base price per item; 11 or more items in any model combination: $10.00 off the base price per item.