Bird Banisher – The Humane Bird Control Device

Bird Banisher is one of the best humane bird control products on the market. Bird Banisher is a leading bird control and woodpecker scare device helping the bird pest control industry combat bird nuisance and damage.

All bird control methods begin with simple redirection or deterrents in any given environment, commercial or residential. Pest inspection and treatment, tree trimming and removal, together with good property maintenance and repairs are only the first steps in keeping nuisance birds away. The next step is to choose a physical product to deter nuisance birds and prevent new or further property damage. Nets, spikes, chemical sprays, and noise deterrent devices may require complicated or specialist installation and precautions, along with frequent maintenance. Bird Banisher is safe, easy to install, and quality-made for years of efficient, humane and maintenance-free service.

Humane Bird Control Product

Humane Bird Control Device

How do Humane Bird Control Products work?

Bird Banisher is a wind-operated and visual bird control device, and its design draws upon 5 years of product research and development. Position Bird Banisher correctly and the inconspicuous, silent but efficient design never fails to deter birds. Bird Banisher is effective as a woodpecker scare device but will discourage a wide range of nuisance bird species from pigeons to European starlings or sparrows. Bird Banisher spins in a breeze as low as 2mph and in winds up to 70mph. See our Bird Banisher wind test video.

Bird Banisher is highly reflective, even in low levels of light. Bird Banisher is a simple, cost-effective and humane solution to all nuisance bird problems. Bird Banisher is made in the USA using quality materials. Each Bird Banisher unit has a 1-year warranty and comes fully assembled, complete with a clip, magnet or screw attachment option. Attach to brick, wood, vinyl or metal. See Bird Banisher Frequent Questions

Bird Banisher is easy to install and easy to buy, with quantity discounts.



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